This is not a mythology story. This is a blog for ELF files— The Executable and Linkable Format files.

ELF is the standard format for executable files, relocatable object code (.o — format), shared libraries, and core files. Okay, wait a minute, let’s go back a little bit.

Files. Files are everywhere. Our Operating System (OS) is built upon files.

We all have used files in our computer, there are text files, spreadsheets, documents, PDFs, images (.png/.jpg), databases, animation files (gifs), executable files, etc.

ELF files like we said above, it’s a specific format for executable files. There are several…

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  • What is a signal

A signal is a software interrupt delivered to a process. Signals are asynchronous notifications sent to a process within the same process to report an exceptional situation to an executing program.

Machines are constantly executing processes. Processes are executed by default or manually. This depends on whether we need to execute a program or turn on a machine. When the machine is turned on the first process called init is executed. After the first process is executed, others are forked and initiated. While they are executed, users or the machine itself can communicate to other…

I always asked myself how a machine’s internal communications worked and how were processes organized, and well, I found out that it’s pretty complex but if you know where are things located it won’t be that hard to understand.

I thought every process was a static type of process, but to my amazement, some folders are created at booting and destroyed once the machine is turned off. This article will give you a closer look at how processes are presented in a GNU/Linux-based Operating System (OS) and will describe how does the /procfilesystem works. …


The purpose of RapScore is to bind individuals in a web application that will allow them to work from a credit-based system. Our team is organized by Kevin Castro as our lead developer, Jhonatan Legarda as our front-end developer and myself as back-end developer. From an engineering perspective, we found that individuals had many troubles to get a loan so our main focus was to create a platform that allows a worker and an investor to receive what they need, workers have a score with their performance and investors just check their revenue. This project was made for Rappi, an…

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August 13, 1:00 AM (UTC). We received and error 500 that affected 100% of our clients traffic through our main server. The load balancer after receiving 10000 500 errors it distributed all the traffic to our secondary server. Secondary server doesn’t have enabled the update information feature, so our clients were not able to send any information. The root cause of the error was a limited usage in the disk utilization of 60% that the load balancer didn’t realize. Once the limit is reached the server send an alert and blocks every inter connection.

Timeline (UTC — Universal Time Zone)

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It's midnight. You've been thinking about changing your currents life journey. In the news, you took note of a site, something that captured your attention. You reach up to your pocket and take out the paper where you had written the site's address.

You turn your laptop on and open up your browser.

It's 00:03:45 hrs, you click in the search engine filed and type what you had written in your paper address: Then you just hit Enter.

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Report incident date: Monday, November 11th, 2080

This is the report from the incident that occurred at November 11th making our Glo-Net service outage from normal operation. This incident blocked our service for 1:50 hrs preventing nodes from communicating between each other and affecting 100% of our service.

Here we will describe in detail the attack produced to Glo-Net.

Issue Summary

From 17:50 to 19:00 UTC. “Connection timed out” message displayed on Glo-Net browsers. Glo-Net browsers interrupted connection with mirror connectors' failure to complete. Traffic was blocked completely, servers denial of service was a complete outage of Glo-Net service. …

What is IoT?

IoT stands for the Internet of things. IoT is the interconnection via the internet of computing devices using physical hardware. Those devices will share data and process it without human intervention. They will take decisions and execute actions without anyone different than a machine. Machines will communicate with each other and will solve human needs only by processing data. This is known as machine-2-machine communication.

Why is IoT important in real life?

Okay, first of all, we have to understand where does everything comes from. The past century (XX), was a century where humans made great advancements…

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a variant of what we have heard of what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is. AI, in a few words, is the intelligence demonstrated by machines. AI is a simulation of human behavior, for example, understanding language, recognizing objects/sounds, problem-solving, etc. AI is focused on three pillars, learning, reasoning, and self-correction.

Humans have been working hard to make machines think. But, have we ever wondered if that's even possible?

Well, machine learning is one field in computer science that gives us the tools to train machines to understand structures of data. …


Life just keeps on happening in the eternal present. Keep building your present.

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